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Welcome to Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish,

My name is Brian Stanley and I've been caring for Siamese Fish for over 15 years. In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about Siamese fish. As a Siamese Fighting Fish enthusiast, it is my goal to see that all pet Siamese are properly cared for, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Siamese Fighting Fish, and sign-up for my 12-part Siamese Fish email course, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

In my FREE Mini-course, You'll Learn:

Where Siamese Fighting Fish come from and why they fight.
The importance of a quarantine tank and when to use one.
Tips for setting up a beautiful aquarium that your Siamese fish will love and be the envy of all your friends!
How salt can benefit your Siamese fish (even though he is a freshwater fish)!
A step-by-step guide to maintaining perfect water conditions in your Siamese fish tank - this is the most important part of keeping your Siamese fish healthy and happy!
All about Siamese fighting fish diseases - how to tell if your Siamese fish is sick, which illness he has, and how to cure him!
The step-by-step process for breeding Siamese fish.
A list of the best medications available for curing Siamese fish illnesses, and where to find them.
Much, much more!

Just LOOK At What All These Owners of Siamese Fish Say About My FREE Siamese Fish mini-course & newsletter!

"I would like to say how much this newsletter has helped me learn how to take the correct care of my beautiful Siamese fish. I thought fish were easy- but I had it up all wrong. A few weeks ago I was sure my Siamese fish of one year was going to die. He had become so pale and dull, stopped eating and was very thin and weak, he just sat at the bottom of the tank looking like he had given up on life. After subscribing to the newsletter I discovered that I had set up an unhealthy environment for my fish. I gave him a salt bath treatment and moved him to a larger more suitable tank. The result was instant. Within days he perked up and started eating and now a month later his colours have returned and he is a beautiful fish again. Thank you Siamese Fish Secrets - you saved my little fishes life."

Nicky, Sydney, Australia

"I subscribed to your "Siamese Fish Secrets" newsletter and I can honestly say that the daily information gave me a lot more insight and knowledge about providing a proper home and caring for my Siamese fish. I was given two Siamese fish as a gift, and I was weary about keeping them because I've always seen Siamese fish of my friends start to deteriorate from fin rot and improper environment.

There was one particular situation that the newsletter helped me out about most. The newsletter gave warnings about health problems with Siamese fish, and it also provided a remedy! I was able to recognize the signs of pop eye with my own Siamese, and rid him of this ailment. Thanks to the newsletter, I was able to act on this problem.

Since the newsletter was able to provide me with knowledge about my Siamese fish, I felt more attached to my Siamese. I think this is why anyway. My two Siamese fish are healthy, vibrant, and playful, and I can say that the "Siamese Fish Secrets" newsletter was a part of this.

What I like best about the newsletter is the fact that there is information that I can always refer back to. I had saved each issue in an archive and whenever I have a concern or a question, the newsletter is available for me to look through."

 Belinda's Siamese Fish

Belinda Daniels, Pretoria, South Africa

"Your newsletter has allowed my Siamese fish to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Like a lot of people, I happened to get "Merlin" as a gift at a wedding. Being an animal lover, I searched the Internet for some information and was fortunate enough to find your site.

I signed up for the newsletter, read them completely, and always looked forward to the next one.

Two of the best ideas I took away from them were to watch the water temp and not to sterilize the tank. I immediately went out and bought an inexpensive thermometer, but it made a huge difference when replacing the water and making sure the temperature is high enough to keep the fish happy. Not having a lot of experience with fish, I didn't really understand the benefit bacteria give to the fish, but reading your newsletter enlightened me. Changing 25% of the water often, I believe, has allowed Marvin to stay happy."

Anton's Siamese fighting fish  Anton's Siamese fish

Anton, Ontario, Canada

"Brian, I am so pleased to have found your site on caring for Siamese fighting fish.

I failed at raising a couple of Siamese fish in the past and was determined to get educated (really educated, I thought I was) before purchasing another Siamese. So I followed your tips starting with a 5 gal. tank. You are one of the few who recommends nothing less than 5 gallons. One would think that's alot of room for one little fish but, as you say, it's the only way to maintain the proper water conditions.

That happy, healthy little red Siamese fish of ours (Elmo) is fascinating to watch in his beautiful domain full of plants. His contentment brings out his personality. He loves to watch me when I'm at my computer and begs for his dinner. I have had Elmo for several months now, much longer then the ones in the past. You make it so easy to provide a healthy environment for this little creature who deserves a quality life as much as anyone. It's nice to know that anytime I have a question your information is so easily available.

I also enjoy the fact that other people out there consider their Siamese fish their "Pet"! You're really doing some good work and a great job of it. Every time I buy a Siamese fish I feel like I've saved it from a doomed life and that's especially so, armed with all the information I continue to learn from you. I hope no one will consider purchasing or keeping Siamese without visiting your site, receiving your informative and interesting newsletters. Thank you Brian!"

Melissa, San Francisco, CA

"I Enjoyed getting the news letter, there were items in it that not only myself but others may have wondered about but have been too bashful to inquire about, the information on health and care for Siamese fish was amazing, even if it were things I have read before, it was nice to see that this newsletter allows you to read over it at your own pace! The newsletter is also very easy to understand and follow! I love getting the "new" newsletter!"

Cathy, Melbourne, Aus.

"I just wanted to thank you for making such excellent information available FREE OF CHARGE to us once upon a time ignorant Siamese fish owners!!!

My teen-age son purchased a "Siamese fish in a Vase" for me for a Christmas gift. I thought it was beautiful, but being an animal lover, I had a hunch that the Siamese would be happier with more space.

Not having "a clue" about Siamese fish, I searched the Internet to find out what I could learn about Siamese fish care. After I signed up for your email list, I literally LOOKED FORWARD to receiving the next tip of the day. And when it arrived I was extremely pleased with the content. It's the best and clearest information I've ever read on Siamese fish care.

I was EAGER to learn AND APPLY all the GREAT information that you sent my way!

When I got him, my Siamese was hardly active at all in his Vase. He just stayed at the bottom most of the time and since I didn't know a thing about them, I told the children that maybe he was just an older fish.

I went to our basement and dug out a small aquarium, scrubbed it up and filled it with room temperature water. After I put him in, he just swam and swam and swam! The children and I were DELIGHTED!!!

Another thing I didn't know is that he had ALREADY lost A LOT of his color before he was given to me. After I put him in a larger tank and added a bit of Celtic grey sea salt to the water, his color started to increase. Now he is MUCH darker in color and quite beautiful. I can thank your newsletter for giving my Siamese fish a great environment where he's happy and healthy.

He enjoys his little plant to hide in and has gotten better and better at hiding himself in it!

I did some reading about their natural state in the wild and found out that Siamese fish enjoy slow flowing streams. He REALLY enjoys the gentle flow that comes from the filter/water pump. Actually, the filter was unplugged for a few days and when I plugged it back in, he happily floated on the current!

His little vase used to sit on the table, now his small aquarium sits on the kitchen counter, near an East facing window and by my sink. I don't have a dishwasher, so he has added quite a bit of joy to the time I spend washing dishes.

Thanks for all the SUPER advice, Brian!!!

Thanks again!!!

Michelle, NY

"Man, I do have to say that the "Siamese Fish Secrets" newsletter has been more than resourceful...I have had various questions that have boggled my mind like, "How do I know when my Siamese fish is happy" or "how often should I feed it." All in all, the online guide has been a great help for my family and I since it is emailed to me on a constant basis. I mean, if I'm out of town or on a business trip, the emails are always there for the family's knowledge. We actually have the website on our favorites list so we can always see what's going on with our Siamese fish. Our Siamese has been kicking since Christmas of 06 and he looks as happy as a clam!!!

Thanks for the words of wisdom, helpful tit-bit's of information and love that we all as Siamese fish owners can use to keep our Siamese Beautiful and brilliantly happy!!!"
Hatlen Family!!!

"When I first bought my Siamese fish, I wasn't sure how to best keep it and what to look for regarding its health and if it was happy. It started getting lethargic so I turned to the Internet to get answers. Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish gave very good, comprehensive info for general conditions that best suit the Siamese fish. I learned more about better foods and the environment in which the Siamese thrives.

Thanks to the internet when one is seeking answers, and thanks to Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish for providing great info for me to give my Siamese the best care I can."
Charles Fourie, Cape Town, South Africa

" I am so glad that you have taken the time to help me with my Siamese fighting fish. I was a beginner and the fish are so beautiful. I had no ideas until I heard from the many caring people writing in to your site that I finally found out what I was doing wrong with my Siamese fish. Your help was perfect because I learned about the proper water needed to have a healthy environment so I could save my fish. It was very sick but because of you informative articles I have learned so much. In appreciation. I am grateful."
Rose Davies, Windermere B.C., Canada

"Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish really helped me make a better environment for my two Siamese fish. When I needed some tips on how to specially care for my fish, I went to google to find a site on care and environment for my Siamese. This site was one of the first ones, but I went to seven or eight other sites before looking at this one. I really enjoyed getting the emails that gave me tips on how to care for my Siamese fish. The most helpful thing for me was the email where I found out how to make my Siamese fish comfortable. I liked getting the emails. I looked forward to getting a new one every day. Thank you for your help!!"
Grant Taylor, Salt Lake City