Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Betta Splendens

Betta Fish Types:

Betta is a large genre of small, colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes. They have their origins from the gourami family. Betta fish are small, but vary considerably in size. The average size of a Betta fish is 2 inches (5 cm).

These types of fish have the ability to thrive in low-oxygen water conditions. This is because of a unique organ called the labyrinth. Betta fish can live in harsh conditions such as rice paddies, slow moving streams, drainage ditches and large puddles.

Bettas originated from paddy fields of Vietnam. They are the most popular fish type in the entire globe today. They attract buyers by their vibrant personality, while posing magnificent color and fin structure.

Types of Betta fish:

Betta fish are divided into two groups based on their spawning behavior. Some build nests, similar to Betta Splendens, while others are mouth brooders, like Betta picta. In 2006, around 65 species of Bettas were classified and some of the prominent ones are as follows:

1. Betta Splendens: Is popularly known as the Siamese fighting fish. It is also the most popular species of fresh water aquarium and a native to Mekong river basin in the South East Asia, wherein it is referred as Pla-Kad or Pla-Kat. Thailand Betta Splendens (Siamese fighting fish) are generally dull green and brown in color. Betta Splendens are 2.4 inches (6 cm) long, whereas some measure around 3.2 inches (8 cm) long.

Betta Splendens are found in various colors such as red, black, steel blue, turquoise, royal blue and cornflower blue, yellow, apricot and peach, white, opaque, chocolate, lavender, purple, violet, and orange. They come in many different kinds such as crown tail Bettas, regular Bettas, twin tail Bettas and other different types.

2. Betta fish Bellica: They are also known as slim Betta. Bellica means Warlike. Although the Latin name suggests that, they are peaceful Betta fish types. In its original habitat, Betta fish Bellica can be found in extremely soft and acidic water, whereas in an aquarium, the fish can be kept in acidic and neutral, not too hard and clean water.

3. Beta Coccina: Betta Coccina is a small red Betta fish found in Jambi (Sumatra), southern Johor and Malakka, Malaysia. Jorg Vierke first described this fish in 1979. The only difference between the species from Malaysia and B. Coccina from Sumatra is color difference.

4. Betta Picta: It has three horizontal lines on its body formed by numerous spots. Body color may be grey, purple or brown. The male has fins with reddish brown with a thin blue line.

Conserving Betta Fish:

Many of the Betta fish are on the verge of extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies various species of Betta fish as threatened genus of fish. The United Nations Environment Program as also confirmed this report of IUCN.

Many Betta fish varieties are common and Betta Splendens are omnipresent, whereas a few other Betta species are endangered and threatened.