Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


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Tips on How to Buy Siamese Fighting Fish

It is important to know what one should look for when buying Siamese fighting fish from the pet store. The Siamese fish should be a healthy specimen from the outset. If you end up buying an unhealthy Siamese fish, it is an almost certain recipe for disaster. You could end up spending many distressing hours trying to improve its looks, color and general health to no avail. These Siamese fish do not recover easily from malnourishment or maltreatment and you would be heart-broken if it died in your care.

It is always a good starting point to make sure that the Siamese fish was well cared-for during its stay at the pet store. In fact, make sure that it is actually alive while you are in the store. Sometimes Siamese fighting fish lie dead in plastic bags or glass bowls, something that could go completely unnoticed. Often, the Siamese fish in the stores are already sick because of the less-than-healthy conditions in which they may have been kept. By going to an obscure pet store, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Stick to those that enjoy a good reputation. It may cost a little more, but you will reap the benefits down the line.

Check out the surrounding environment: Make sure that the jars, in which the Siamese fish are kept, are clean. The water should appear fresh and clear with no traces of leftover food. There should be no bad odours emanating from the jars. These malodours could possibly be from dead siamese fish. Next, a thorough check-up of the fish needs to be undertaken.

Check the body: The body should be free from any kind of lumps or bumps. The scales are flat and smooth in a healthy Siamese fish, with missing and loose scales signifying a history of trauma and illness. White patches on the body could be indicative of a fungus infection. If its stomach is swollen, consider this a clear warning that the Siamese fighting fish is certainly not well.

Check the Fins and Gills: There should be no discolorations, tears or holes when the Siamese fish's fins are extended. This may be very difficult to properly check, because it is almost impossible for the Siamese to extend its fins in the tiny bag or container that it is usually kept in at a pet store. In fact, Siamese fish fins get broken or torn because of the very fact that they are kept for extended periods of time in containers way too small for them. When these showy fish swim around, their fins brush against the walls of the containers and tend to break. The gills should look smooth and flat with no sign of peeling. There should be absolutely no lumps or discoloration at all.

Check the Color: Healthy Siamese fighting fish are brightly colored with no apparent discoloration. Unhealthy Siamese fish have a pale appearance with some discoloration seen along their body or face.

Check the eyes: Healthy Siamese fish have clear eyes. Do not buy Siamese fighting fish whose eyes are either sunken or bulging.

Check the Behavior: When you buy Siamese fighting fish, they are usually active and float upright, unless they are sleeping. Bring your hand close to the Siamese fish to make sure that it is alert. Don't end up startling it through jabbing a finger into the bag in which it is stored, or by tapping against its bowl. Rather move your hand gently toward the Siamese fish and gauge its reaction. Be subtle and gentle so as not to traumatize the fish. A healthy Siamese fighting fish is very alert and will always react in one way or the other to the movement it detects, though it may not always respond by flaring.