Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fighting Fish Disease Chart

Below is a list of common Siamese fish diseases and the symptoms of each. It's important to note that all of the diseases listed below are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions. If you maintain a health tank, then your Siamese fighting fish is unlikely to get ill.

 Disease / Illness



 Constipation  Common

Bloated stomach, won't eat
(due to overfeeding)

 Dropsy  Uncommon Bloated body and eyes
 Fungus  Common Fluffy, white, cotton-like growths on body and/or fins.
 Fish Lice  Uncommon Round parasites attached to skin
 Fin Rot  Common Torn or ragged fins
 Gill Parasites  Uncommon Scratching itself on aquarium objects
Strange swimming patterns
Breathing problems
 Ich  Common Small white spots on body and/or fins
 Mouth Fungus  Uncommon Patchy skin or cotton-like growths on mouth
 Parasites (intestinal)  Uncommon Worms are visible through skin
 Pop Eye  Uncommon Protruding eye(s)
 Swim Bladder Disease  Uncommon Swimming sideways or in some other abnormal way
 Septicemia  Uncommon No energy, won't eat, red (blood) streaks on fin and body
 Slime Disease  Common Grayish slime on body and/or fins
Scratching on aquarium objects
 Tuberculosis  Uncommon Colors have dulled
Pop eye (sometimes)
Constricted Fins
Transferable to humans
 Velvet  Common Gold or grayish color on body or fins