Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fighting Fish Diseases

Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish) are members of the bony fish (class Teleostei), and the class Anabantoidei.

They are well known as Siamese fighting fish, which are the most common Betta fish that you will see in pet stores. They mainly come from Thailand and the nearby islands of South East Asia.

Siamese Fighting Fish Diseases and Treatment:

Siamese fish fall ill due to intolerable temperatures, chemicals, or diseases. Hence, Siamese fish need regular supervision, especially after a change of water, introduction of new fish, faulty heater, fluctuating temperatures and over feeding.

Siamese fighting fish require a temperature of 75-80°F (24-27°C) to survive. Increase in the temperature reduces oxygen levels in water. This can cause irreversible tissue damage in them. Cold temperature makes the fish lethargic and may gradually depress their immune system.

Fish viruses have been studied extensively in fish grown for food or sport, but rarely in aquarium fish. These viruses are so dangerous that they are directly attached to the host’s DNA. This then takes over the protein-making machinery.

Antiviral drugs are not available yet. All we can do to avoid such infections is by using quarantine, and minimize stresses from all causes.

Lymphocystis is also a virus, which infects fish stressed by capture or shipping. There are 35 major groups of bacteria, from giants associated with deep-sea to specialized forms related to fungi. Some bacteria cause disease in stressed siamese fish. Some require a large dose to initiate infection, while others require only a few microbes.

A water change and improved conditions can end an epidemic by allowing the fish’s immune system to recover. Antibiotics and antimicrobials are used to fight against a number of diseases in Siamese Fish. Some antibiotics and antimicrobials can be put in the water, whereas others need to be mixed with the food to get inside the gut, blood or the lymph of siamese fighting fish. Certain antibiotics and antimicrobials can only be injected.

Pic of Bloating in Siamese Fish
Pic of Bloating in Siamese Fish

Save your Siamese Fighting Fish from Illness

If you are a Siamese fish lover, then you ought to always keep a close watch on your Siamese fish for any symptoms of sickness. You need to always check, if your Siamese is eating properly or not. If the infected Siamese fish spits out its food, it may not be active as it was before, or is running into anything (gravel, rocks, etc) to scratch itself, looks pale, color is dull, may turn gray. At such times, you need to understand that it is suffering from some kind of uneasiness.

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