Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fish Tank

Siamese Fish Tank:

Siamese fish are not very demanding, when it comes to their living habitat. If you are serious about taking care of your Siamese fish, then it is important to have a decent size Siamese fish aquarium. You can keep your fish in a small siamese fighting fish bowl, but it is much better to have a large one with more space. In fact, it is not an expensive process and not a complicated concept.

How to Make Your Siamese Fighting Fish Feel At Home?

Buy a small siamese fish aquarium:

For a single Siamese fish, all you need is an average tank (aquarium) with a capacity of about 5-10 gallons (20-45 Ltrs). They do not need much space, so there is no need to buy a large aquarium.


Filtration system:

It is necessary to install a filtration system. With a small siamese fish tank, do not purchase a big filter; a smaller one will help keep the water adequately aerated. Do not buy a big filter, as it may stress your Siamese fish if the water is too turbulent.



Buy some clean gravel. Siamese fish spend most of the time at the bottom of tank. So avoid buying sharp, rough gravel, as it may tear the fins of your Siamese fish. You can coordinate gravel’s color with the color of your Siamese fish. This will help to make your aquarium more attractive.

Siamese Fish tank gravel 


You can keep real, plastic, or silk plants in your Siamese fish tank. However, you need to tend to these plants on a regular basis. Try to buy soft plants without any jagged edges, as certain plants may also damage the Siamese’s fins.

Plastic Siamese tank plants 


Water is obviously the most essential part for any siamese fish aquarium. It is not necessary to give a detailed explanation on “why water is important for fish?” Tap water is harmful to your Siamese fish, because it contains certain chemicals and parasite, which are harmful for Siamese fish. Hence, let your tap water stand for a few hours before using or add distilled or treated water to your aquarium.

Post Setup Care:

Always remember that a new siamese fish tank lacks the helpful microorganisms that build up in the gravel and filter, as they take a while to adapt to new surroundings.

Allowing the siamese tank to go for a couple of weeks without including the Siamese fighting fish will help ensure a nice and safe home for your Siamese fish. With a little bit of preplanning you can give your Siamese fish a pleasant place to stay and survive for a longer duration. 

A helpful tip - your Siamese tank should be no less than 10 gallons! Anything smaller is simply not adequate. Smaller sizes reduce water stability within the tank.

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